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This Audio Conferencing Issue is dedicated to "Web Video Confernecing" and all the technology around it. We are taking your through the Top 10 USB Audio Confernecing Products from ClearONE, Konftel, Pheonix Audio, Shure, RevoLabs & Vaddio

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Online Meetings Sweep the Nation

But what is the biggest problem? Being heard clearly. This magazine issue is dedicated to "Web Video Conferencing". Subscribe to our mailing list for quarterly updates from Confernece Room Systems. We offer technology reviews specifically focused on the Meeting Room Experience. Video Conferencing Systems that are "Affordable, Easy to Install and Use" is our motto.

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Quick Intro Video

Check out our quick introduction video. Reviewing the latest and greatest in Video Conferencing Systems you can install yourself.

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Top 10 USB Microphone Solutions

The world of USB Video Confernecing has moved faster than any other individual segment of the Audio Visual industry. Looking over our Top 10 USB Microphone Solutions from ClearONE, Konftel, Pheonix Audio, Shure, RevoLabs & Vaddio. This list is ordered for sucessful video conferencing deployments using USB technology and provide a breif overview of the industries best audio conferencing solutions. Subscribe to our blog and let us know what you think!

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Bluetooth Microphone Overview

Jabra Speak 510 Was the first and is still the "Staple" of the bluetooth down and dirty, get it done on a buget audio conferencing solution. With a 30'+ Bluetooth range the Jabra Speak 510 is a personal solution that doubles as a small conference room or huddle room microphone. With the Wireless capabilities and easy pairing to any Bluetooth enabled comptuer this device really rocks! With a $125 price tag at most stores it's easily affordable and it provides a easy to use experience. Polycom Voice Station 500 is another breakthrough in affordability and felxibility for Web Audio Conferencing. With Bluetooth built in wireless freedom is available for a clean table top integration. The Polycom Voice Station also offers a direct analog connection and can make regular analog calls like any telephone. So no you have a flexible audio conferencing and online meeting web video conferencing solution for any small/medium Boardroom.

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Bluetooth Microphones

Bluetooth Wireless microphoneshave come a long way and we put together a list of our favorite Small, Medium and Large Bluetooth options. Bluetooth is a great way to extend your microphone for a USB Web Video Conference System wirelessly. We review 3 of the top Bluetooth enabled wireless USB microphones used for general audio conferencing and a perfect compliment to any USB Video Conferencing System for Cloud Based VTC. We review Bluetooth Wireless USB Chatpods from Jabra, Konftel and Evoko. The Jabra Speak 510 is a great affordable goto bluetooth wireless USB microphones. We also have the Konftel 55W which has just introduced it's USB, Bluetooth and Analog Conference phone capabilities. And finally the New Evoko Minto which covers a wooping 30'x30 area with 4 built in microphones.
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Bluetooth Microphones

Konftel 55W . The Konftel 55W adds the option for extension microphones to cover a larger area plus adds new functionality like built-in SD Call recording. The Konftel 55W boasts a touch screen interface that can allow for Bluetooth and even analog calling (with additional deskphone adapter). But the Konftel's aren't all roses! They are not universally compatible like the other 3 microphones on our list. So far during test we have the Konftel 55W works with most software solutions i.e MS Lync, Cisco Jabber and Skype but it is not compatible with GoToMeeting or Google Hangouts. Strange right? That's what we are here for! Compatibility testing and assurance that your system will work with the software you are standardizing on. Keep in mind the Konftel works with plenty of Online Meeting Software and might be the best fit for your organization. Just check in with us before ordering.Evoko Minto The Evoko Minto represents the King of all Bluetooth wireless USB audio conferencing microphones. With four seperate "chambers" dedicated to the 90 degree pickup combine with intelligent voice enhancing software really brings this microphone above the rest.



8 Audio Confernecing 2014/2015
Introducing the King of Bluetooth USB Audio Conferencing... . Exclusive Conference Room Systems Interview with Keith Schainholz from Evoko. The Evoko Minto is a Bluetooth capable microphone for Web Video Conferencing.Let's listen to the actual test footage from this beautiful scandanavian designed audio confernecing microphone.



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Small to Medium Sized Microphones

Phoenix Audio . Provides some of the best USB audio confernecing solutions from small, to medium, to large conferencing room solutions. One of the amazing features that carries throughout the entire Phoenix Audio product line is Audio Confernecing Bridging. Whether you are using a USB & Analog or USB & VoIP SIP phone the Phoenix Audio microphones have no problem briding the calls. Also included across the board (with the except of the Duet and Solo units) is daisy chain compatibility. The new Phoneix Audio Spider and the Quattro 3 series all include daisy chain compability. ClearONE is the industry leader and long time audio conferencing favorite. The Chat 150 cannot be beat for price and ease of use. With 3 built-in microphones, easy to use mute and a USB 2.0 connection this microphone has become a staple in the industry. With the capability to daisy chain up to 2 units together, these units can go the extra mile in medium sized conference rooms. As you will see ClearONE really shines in the large room scenarios we will cover in the next few pages.



14 Audio Confernecing 2014/2015
Yamaha PJP50-USB . definitely takes a front seat for USB audio confernecing when it comes to quality. Check out our side-by-side comparison YouTube Video playlist below and you tell us what you think! The Yamaha knows how to pick up and track a voice and the quality you will hear is evident. Vaddio EasyUSB Ceiling Microphones . are the easiest to install, professional ceiling microphones you can buy. Each microphone simply connects via Cat-5e cabling to the head end EasyUSB Amplifier. The EasyUSB Amp powers two ceiling speakers and sends out USB 2.0 for your computer.



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Integrated Audio Confernecing Systems

Full featured Audio Conferencing solutions from. ClearONE & Phoenix Audio both providing high quality integration ready audio conferencing mixers that provide USB, Analog and VoIP solutions. Pricing is obviously the first thing that jumps off the page. Phoenix Audio is new to the market and they are positioning extremely powerful audio conferencing equipment at super competitive prices for the industry. The Phoenix Audio Octopus series is built to provide a flexible solution for integrating traditional XLR microphones and providing full featured DSP Digital Sound Processing on all levels. The Phoenix Audio even provides easy daisy-chaining of mixers in a master/slave solution which provides 4/8/12/16/20/24 microphone solutions with discreet control over each system. The ClearONE Interact AT does not provide daisy-chaining capabilies but rather offers a high expansion microphone unit popular in the Pro AV industry. While Phoenix Audio provide a cost effect DIY solution. Pro AV integrators are unlikely to quickly adopt the new technology.



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Integrated Audio Confernecing Systems

The ClearONE Interact AT has the industries leading audio conferencing company, providing the highest quality product. One area the ClearONE Interact really shines is the Wireless Dialer. ClearONE provides everything from DSP, to audio outputs for recording to camera control. For a full review check the in-depth video done with Greg Geiser of ClearONE.



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