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System Designs and Case Studies - House of Worship

System Designs and Case Study - House of Worship

Houses of Worship are now consistently employing video systems for a variety of reasons, including service recording and distribution, remote speakers, and live broadcast of events for people that are unable to attend in person. Conference Room Systems offers a variety of products ideally suited to these needs, with the flexbility to conference, record, and stream/broadcast simultaneously. Below, we will detail an example system to provide a clearer picture of possible setups and we will also highlight a specific use-case in the market, demonstrating the effectiveness of our solutions in a real-life situation.

Example System Designs:

Case Study - ChurchStreaming:


Conference Room Systems has worked with many local houses of worship and found a strong partner in ChurchStreamer, which accepts HDMI and SDI inputs with resolutions of up to 1080p and frame rates of up to 60 fps.

In this system design, you would simply connect the ChurchStreamer to your local network for internet access, plug in your video and existing audio input, and the ChurchStreamer will push to your ChurchStreaming account ( pricing available here). The PTZoptics 12X-SDI G2 and PTZOptics 20X-SDI G2 cameras are both ideally suited for this system design, reducing the stress and hassle of video production.

Parts List:

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