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System Designs and Case Studies - Education

System Designs and Case Study - Education

Educational instituitions are now consistently employing video systems for a variety of reasons, including remote learning, lecture recording, and event broadcasting. Conference Room Systems offers a variety of products ideally suited to these needs, with the flexbility to conference, record, and stream/broadcast simultaneously. Below, we will detail some example systems to provide a clearer picture of possible setups and we will also highlight a specific use-case in the market, demonstrating the effectiveness of our solutions in a real-life situation.

Example System Designs:

  1. Computer Lab
  2. Distance Learning
  3. Auditorium Lecture Capture and Broadcast

Case Study - Acadia University:


Acadia University was looking for a way to connect multiple classrooms and campuses together using web conferencing software. Conferencing was catching on so quickly with both faculty and students, but they also needed to find a way to share video conferencing equipment between classrooms. We assisted them in the recommendation and development of two mobile video conferencing carts, a single-display cart and a dual-display cart.

Single-Display Cart Parts List:

Dual-Display Cart Parts List:
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