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Zoom.US Overview
Affordable Cloud Based Video Conferencing Solution

Zoom.US Overview
Zoom.US is one of the most popular and affordable online meeting service for flawless and simple virtual meetings. Starting with a Free version that is unlimited except with a 45 minute time limit Zoom.US is the gateway to affordable video conferencing. With affordable video conferencing hardware for high definition USB video conferencing Zoom.US is any conference room managers favorite for online software. Conference Room Systems is happy to provide Zoom.US starter packages and free trials by request!
Zoom.US Plans

Pricing Overview

Zoom.US has done so much for our customers who do not want to pay $50+/month for an online service. Zoom.US's freemium model has become so popular that other services are now offering similar packages. Just look at Fuzebox! But we digress. Zoom.US is an amazing new Video Conferencing service that is easier than GoToMeeting with more features and easy fundamental design. If you are new to online meetings, webinars and video conferencing in the cloud this is by far the best place to start. With upgraded video conferencing capabilities now good for 100 users at once! This should cover the needs for most of our customers and make web video conferencing easy and affordable.
Zoom.US Free Trial Here Zoom.US Free Trial Here

Easy and Affordable

Easy and Affordable is the goal of Conference Room Systems plan toward Web Video Conferencing using USB Based technology for Video and Audio in the Conference Room. Zoom.US pairs nicely with that philosophy as we recommend USB Video Conferencing solutions to our customers Zoom.US is always top on our list. To learn more about Zoom.US and the features they offer simply visit Zoom.US.

Zoom.US Plans

Starting with a free introduction and moving to more powerful yet still affordable web video conferencing plans. Our USB based video conferencing systems could not complement a cloud based online meeting system more. Every camera we sell on Conference Room Systems has been tested with Zoom without fail including the troublesome Vaddio ClearVIEW. Check out the Zoom.US Plans and pricing below.


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