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Wireless Bluetooth Audio Conferencing Speakerphones
For wireless audio conferencing using GoToMeeting, WebEX, MS Lync, Skype and other online meeting software companies.

Wireless Microphones & Speakerphones for Web Video Conferencing

Hear and be heard clearly & stay connected with CRS

Step 1: Measure your Conference Room

Step 2: Listen to the speakerphone recordings!

Step 3: Set up a Strategy Meeting

Step 4: Enjoy Wireless Audio Conferencing

Compatibility is the Key!

  • Bluetooth Connection to your Mac or PC Computer
  • Get rid of those messy cables
  • Options for small and large size rooms
  • Sleek designs without obtrusive cabling
  • Works for virtually any web conferencing software
  • CRS supports the industries most respected Audio Conferencing Leaders

Listen to the test recordings!

  • Cut down on your research time
  • Share the recordings with your conference room users
  • Testing done in 1 session
  • Hear the same person say "How Now Brown Cow" on every microphone
  • Speak with a
  • Industries most respected Audio Conferencing Leader

Bluetooth Wireless Microphones

Jabra Speak 510

Small Groups


HuddlePod Air

Medium Rooms

Most Affordable

Evoko Minto

Large Groups

Superior Audio


Large Groups

Superior Audio

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