Sound Masking Solutions from Cambridge Sound Management
Sound Masking Machines, Emitters, and White Noise System for increased privacy and Productivity.

Sound Masking Systems

Qt100 Sound Masking Module

Up to 12,000 sq/ft

Most Affordable

Qt300 Sound Masking Module

Up to 36,000 sq/ft

Great for Multiple Zones

Qt600 Sound Masking Module

Up to 72,000 sq/ft

Great for Business

400 sq/ft Package

Daisy Chain

Small Areas

800 sq/ft Package

800 sq/ft

Small Areas

1,200 sq/ft Package

1,200 sq/ft

Small Areas

2,400 sq/ft Package

2,400 sq/ft

Small Areas

Adjustable Emitters 16' Cables

Daisy Chain

Most Flexible

Adjustable Emitters 30' Cables

Daisy Chain

Most Flexible

Universal Mount



Drop Ceiling Mount


Easy to install

Conduit Mount

Clean Install

Most Protected

Plenum Back Can

Plenum Installs

Safety Compliant

Quiet Control

Turn Knob

Great for Personal Use

Sonet Qt

Personal Areas

Up to 400 sq/ft

Easy to Install Sound Masking Packages

Qt100 CSM_Qt100_Front_Edit-660x330ConferenceRoomSystems sound masking bundles are made to be easy to install privacy systems. Once known as "White Noise Machines" the Cambridge Sound Management systems are now using a patented "Speech Privacy Curve" to achieve complete privacy and unobtrusive style. Each sound masking emitter can easily daisy chain from one to the next making these system easy to expand upon. Installation is a breeze with drop ceilings using the included sound masking hole saw. Simply use an electric drill to cut your hole and snap the sound masking emitters into each tile. Once you have your tiles set cabling each emitters on to the next is easy. With low power draw and easy operation your sound masking system will be installed in a matter of hours.

Building a Sound Masking System

Example sound masking layout

1: How many Emitters do I need?

Each Cambridge Sound Masking emitter will cover roughly a 10'x10' square foot area around each speaker. Depending 4 Pack of Sound Masking Emitters on your ceiling height the following rules can be applied. Installed in a 8' ceiling each emitter will have a 8'x8' speaker coverage radius. In a 9'x9' area each sound masking emitter will provide a 9'x9 area, so on and so forth. Emitters are sold in 4-packs which include: (4) white or black emitters, (4) drop ceiling mounts and (4) Cat-5e plenum rated cables in 16' or 30' lengths.

2: Choosing a Module and Layout

Cambridge Sound Masking offers the Sound Masking modules below for Sound Masking system control, power and management. Each module provides PoE power to the emitters in a daisy chain style deployment over Cat-5e plenum rated cables (which are included in each emitter 4 pack. . The longest sound masking emitter run is 1000' but no single CAT-5 plenum rated cable should be over 300' with an average of 16'-30' runs suggested. Cambridge Sound Management offers 4 module options for 2014: Qt100, Qt300, Qt600 and the Sonet Qt. Review the comparison below and choose the appropriate module.
Same Day Estimates: (800) 486-5276 | Download Qt Pro Overview: Qt™ Sound Masking Overview

Sound Masking Budget Calculator

 Sound Masking Budgeting Calculator

Square Footage of Project:

  Ceiling Height:

  Sound Masking Module  

 # of Sound Masking Emitters  

  Sound Masking Budget  

  Price / Sq/Ft  


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