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Yamaha PJP50-USB USB Conference Speakerphone
YAPJP-50USB - Yamaha PJP50-USB USB Conference Speakerphone

Yamaha PJP50-USB

8 Unidirectional Microphones, 15ft auto tracking pickup, Echo/Noise Cancellation, Ideal for 15-25 participants

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Availability:: Discontinued
Product Code: YAPJP-50USB
Product no longer offered; Click for comparable model

Description Multimedia & Videos Technical Specifications

Yamaha PJP50-USB

Easy to connect, Easy to use

The PJP is a conference microphone speaker with a built-in high performance echo canceller. When connected to a PC with a USB or audio cable, the PJP enhances your softphone* or Web conferencing system for multiperson response that is as smooth as video conferencing.
* Software for making telephone calls over the Internet on a PC.

Smooth duplex performance

Echo can occur in an audio conference system when the microphones pick up the audio reproduced from the speakers. To counter this, the Projectphone incorporates a high-performance adaptive echo canceller that eliminates any of its own sounds that may be picked up. Combining this with a design that minimizes feedback of reproduced sound, it offers smooth full-duplex performance that is easy on both the talkers and listeners.

Adaptive echo canceller for use in any kind of room

The Projectphone's adaptive echo canceller "studies" the operating environment and automatically adjusts the echo-filter factor accordingly. And since it performs well in many different acoustic conditions, you can easily hold conferences in whatever room or space is available.

Even when next to a projector, noise reduction eliminates the sound of the fan

Built-in noise reduction eliminates noise even in rooms with constant sound such as from projectors and air conditioners . Noise is removed from the ambient sound picked up by the microphones. The listener hears only clear voices.

20 kHz wide bandwidth echo canceller

Built-in wide bandwidth echo canceller that also supports HD audio codecs including AAC-LD. Picks up and plays back with no loss in sound quality, providing for smooth conversations.

Tracking mode automatically detects the talker

A microphone beam position detection function automatically tracks in the direction of the talker. Only the unadulterated voice of the talker is picked up. Also, by setting the PJP to pick up in a certain direction, you can ensure that it will not track noise sources such as projectors. Because pickup is directed toward the talker, this mode is useful for multiperson conferences where noise sources are present.

Combines wide pickup range with clear audio

The newly improved microphone tracking function yields both a wide pickup range and clear audio. Expanding the pickup range can mean lower sound quality because ambient noises can be picked up in addition to the talker's voice. But the PJP-50USB greatly reduces these noises by directing the arrayed microphones exclusively toward the talker. This improves the quality of picked up sound, making the talker's voice come through clearly without amplifying ambient noise. It gives you the best of both worlds-broad-ranging pickup and crystal clear audio.

High sensitivity microphones

Eight of the PJP-50USB's high sensitivity microphones achieve equivalent or better audio pickup than twice the number of conventional mics. And with auto gain control, distant or quiet voices are picked up better than ever. At the same time, we also improved horizontal and vertical pickup performance by arranging placement of the arrayed microphones. Projector and ventilation noises are avoided because the pickup is resistant to sounds directed at the ceiling.

Design based on acoustic engineering

The PJP has been structurally designed based on acoustic engineering principles to achieve conferences that are easy on both listeners and talkers. The left-to-right microphone array is optimal for pick up and echo cancelling. The undermounted speakers are acoustically designed so that sound reflected off the tabletop reaches the ears.


PJP-50USB can be daisy-chained up to 4 units via audio cables. Total of 16 speakers and 32 microphones will pick each of the whispers up while playing every murmur back, loud and clear for all. By connecting the Master unit to a PC via USB, and the chained units via audio in/out, VOL and MUTE of all the chained units will be interlocked.

*Power supply necessary for all daisy-chained PJP-50USB units

External Speaker

PJP-50USB can also be connected to external speakers, fulfilling the need of a higher volume while utilizing those powered speakers in your cabinet.

*When external speakers are connected, main unit speakers will be turned off
**Yamaha MSP3 recommended for external speakers

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