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Epiphan Standalone VGA Grid
VGA-Grid - Epiphan Standalone VGA Grid

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Standalone VGA Grid

Capture, synchronize, record and stream high definition video from multiple simultaneous HD video sources, including computer displays, cameras, instrumentation, and industrial equipment

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Availability:: Discontinued
Product Code: VGA-GRID
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Standalone VGA Grid

Highly Scalable Recording and Streaming Solutions

The standalone VGA Grid™ is a powerful system designed to synchronize, capture, record and stream audio and video from directly connected video and audio sources. Captures from high definition sources (resolutions up to 2048×2048) and is available in 4-card (8 HD + 4 SD sources) and 6-card (12 HD + 6 SD sources) variations depending on the number of inputs you need to capture.

The standalone VGA Grid systems may be populated with either four or six Capture DL Cards. Each Capture DL Card has three video ports, one SDI, one DVI-I (HD video) and one S-Video (SD video). Each of these ports may be used simultaneously making a 4-card VGA Grid capable of capturing video from 12 ports simultaneously (8 HD and 4 SD). The six-card VGA Grid is capable of capturing, encoding, recording and streaming 12 HD video (2048×2048) streams simultaneously.

  • Capture at 2K resolutions (2048×2048 or 2560×1600 wide screen)
  • 4-card or 6-card versions depending on number of sources you have
  • Each card has 1 HD (VGA/DVI/HDMI) port and 1 SDI (3G, HD and SD) port and one SD (S-Video) port, capture from all at once
  • Stream 8 or 12 channels of HD video
  • Synchronize and time-stamp streams
  • Control and operate locally or remotely from anywhere on the same network
  • Support for simultaneous streaming clients or publishing to CDNs
  • Create multi-source layouts with backgrounds and logos
  • Upload custom EDIDs

Multi-source layouts with branding
  • Choose to display the video from one or multiple video sources; you can choose the size and placement of each source.
  • VGA Grid automatically scales inputs to match your configured layout settings.
  • Add a customized background with your company logo, the date, time, and any other information you want to add to the screen.
  • Overlay video with timestamp information and other text.
  • Upload a custom image to display when the channel does not have a signal or if your input signal is interrupted for any reason.
  • You can choose to simultaneously stream your video content to diverse viewers with customized layouts and delivery methods to suit each viewer.
  • Each stream can have multiple encoding settings to suit various delivery methods and viewing destinations.

Video and Audio Inputs
  • Five audio inputs are provided as either mic or line level (4 card system)
  • Seven audio inputs are provided as either mic or line level (6 card system)
  • Up to 6 DVI/VGA/HDMI input ports
  • Up to 6 SDI input ports
  • Up to 6 S-Video input ports.

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