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SP-7000-E - Mersive Solstice Pod Unlimited Enterprise
Mersive Solstice Pod Unlimited Enterprise
Our Price: $1,299.00

Mersive Solstice Pod Unlimited Enterprise

Centralized, one-to-many management. Solstice leverages existing IT network infrastructure to enable wireless content streaming from user laptops and mobile devices to meeting room displays over the existing IT network. The Solstice Dashboard provides IT administrators the ability to manage all the Solstice endpoints on a network from one single Windows 7, 8 or 10 PC – or the Dashboard can be installed on multiple PCs to enable multiple members of the IT team to manage the Solstice endpoints. The Solstice Dashboard exposes all configuration, control, and integration options for the Solstice endpoints, and changes to settings can be applied to a single Solstice endpoint or multiple endpoints simultaneously.

Network Configuration and Security. Solstice’s software architecture supports a broad range of network and security features in order to meet the requirements of unique enterprise network policies. The Solstice Dashboard is used to enable and/or configure these features, including encryption of Solstice network traffic, use of web proxies, restriction of network resource utilization, and much more.

User Access Control. In addition to network security, in-room user access to the Solstice display must also be secure. With the Solstice Dashboard, choose from a range user access control models: enable a screen key, set a password, support one or multiple session moderators, or lock the session from additional user connections.

Licensing and Updates. The Solstice Dashboard provides licensing and update information for every Solstice endpoint on the network. If your Solstice Pods are not running the latest version, push a sof tware update. If you’d like to remove a Solstice Windows Software license for use on a different host PC, recall that license. Need to determine the software maintenance status for all your Solstice endpoints? Simply refer to the Licensing tab.

Solstice Message Center. The Solstice Message Center transforms your Solstice displays into lightweight digital signage for bulletin and/or emergency messages. Post bulletin messages – such as room schedules or department announcements – to the splashscreens of your Solstice displays. Emergency messages will interrupt session in progress when critical, time-sensitive information needs to be shared. As with all Dashboard features, bulletin and emergency messages can be applied to one or multiple displays simultaneously.

Usage Monitoring and Analytics. The Solstice Dashboard provides real-time analytics for both the user activity and network bandwidth utilization. IT administrators can view the number of connected users, number of active posts, and network bandwidth being used – for both individual displays/rooms as well as across the network as a whole.

Remote Admin Controls. In addition to changing background configuration and security settings and monitoring user activity, the Solstice Dashboard also serves as an IT support tool for Solstice sessions in progress. With the Dashboard, IT administrators can look-in on active Solstice sessions and execute high-level meeting controls, including the ability to make displays discoverable or invisible for user connection, the ability to disconnect all users from a display, and the ability to clear all posts from a display.

The Solstice Dashboard Roadmap. Mersive is committed to delivering the most enterprise-ready product when it comes to performance, security, deplorability, and manageability. The Solstice Dashboard for Enterprise Edition will continue to receive new features and capabilities in order to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises.

SP-7000 - Mersive Solstice Pod Unlimited
Mersive Solstice Pod Unlimited
Our Price: $936.56

Mersive Solstice Unlimited android computer bundle: Wireless collaboration software, unlimited user edition; PC: NVIDIA Tegra4 Quad Core, 72 GPUs Tegra4 video, Android 4.4.2 operating system, Uses your existing network or WiFi with resolution up to 4K
S-5000 - Mersive Solstice Unlimited
Mersive Solstice Unlimited
List Price: $999.00
Our Price: $936.56
Savings: $62.44

Flexible wireless screen-sharing and presentation software for unlimited simultaneous connections
SP-7100 - Mersive Solstice Pod SGE
Mersive Solstice Pod SGE
Our Price: $749.06

Mersive Solstice Small Group Edition android computer bundleWireless collaboration software, unlimited user editionPC: NVIDIA Tegra4 Quad Core, 72 GPUs Tegra4 video, Android 4.4.2 operating systemUses your existing network or WiFiResolution: Up to 4K
S-5100 - Mersive Solstice SGE
Mersive Solstice SGE
List Price: $799.00
Our Price: $749.06
Savings: $49.94

Flexible wireless screen-sharing and presentation software for up to 4 simultaneous connections
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